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Top Gifts For Travelers

Looking for a gift idea for your favorite traveler? Here’s my top 10 List, by price, of indispensable travel accessories and where to find them. Most products are available at a variety of retailers and links to popular sites are given for illustrative and convenience purposes only. 

Space Bags–$5 and up

Have a full suitcase and need room for souvenirs? Clothes compressed with Space Bags can take up as little as half as much room. Available in many stores, including Walmart, Target, Sears, Kohl’s and Home Depot.

Small compass–from under $10

Not just for the wilderness, a small compass is a great aid in orienting yourself in a new setting and especially helpful when emerging from a subway station.

Zippered money pouch–$10 and up has a great selection with elasticized waist, adjustable neck cord, or black and brown belt loops. Keep most of your cash concealed and stash important documents that you need to carry with you. Don’t let a picked pocket ruin your trip.

Packing Cubes–$20 and up

Ebags has a great assortment of zippered packing cubes that make living out of a suitcase a breeze. Find what you want in a glance.

Flashlight–about $20

Smaller is better, and the kind that goes on a key ring, like the  Brookstone’s Microbeam will fit most needs. These are useful while exploring for adding light to dark spaces or by your bedside for finding your way in the dark without awakening companions.

Inflatable cushion  $30 and up

Sleep on planes and avoid neck and back pain from long flights. First Class Sleeper was designed by a pilot to support the head, neck and lumbar region, keeping you comfortable and aligned in your seat. It uses just 10-11 breaths, depending on your size, and provides a cushion of air from just below the waist to above the head.

Lightweight Folding Bag  $30 and up

Ideal for daytrips or as a carry-on for overnight clothes or prized souvenirs. Look for a lightweight tote that packs easily and zips shut.

Electrical converter and adapter plugs $20 and up

Some shavers and travel-sized hairdryers have a built-in voltage converter but still require an adapter plug. Devices like a camera battery charger need a converter, as well.

Vest with plenty of pockets $50-$150

Companies like Travelsmithand Magellan’s have a good selection of vests with great style designed for men and women on the go. Look for at least one zippered pocket on the inside (secure place for cash) and several outside. You can stash a rollup sunhat or small folding umbrella in a pocket. A special place for each of a day’s necessities means quick and easy access.

Pocket camera $100 and up

An ultracompact digital camera that slips into your pocket will be at your fingertips when you want to capture that special memory and it won’t weigh you down. For helpful, non-technical buying tips and camera ratings check Steve’s Digicams or the Digital Camera Resource Page . Both sites are packed with valuable information about choosing the camera that’s right for you.

Portable power under $200

Powermonkey has a variety of devices that can recharge your device  by electricity, USB or the sun, and it holds its charge for up to a year. It is shockproof and waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor and adventure situations.

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