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The Strong Museum of Play: The ultimate immersive play destination for all ages

The Strong Museum of Play has been expanded beyond its already prestigious position as the world’s largest collection of toys, dolls, and games of all time and the most comprehensive collection of play-related historical materials. It reopened in June 2023 with a 90,000 sq. ft. expansion and is the ultimate immersive play destination.

Founded in 1968 by Margaret Woodbury Strong, it opened as a museum in 1982. Mabel, Margaret Woodbury Strong’s early companion, is said to be the doll that started it all. Strong’s toy collection continued to grow and the museum became her way to share her vast collection with the public.

The $75 million expansion project includes, among other things, a rainbow-colored parking garage and 24,000-square-feet of exhibit space dedicated to the celebration of electronic games.

Hasbro Game Park also adds an 17,000-square-feet expanse of outdoor exhibit space exploring the influence of board games, complete with a 17’ fire-breathing dragon.

This is a place to romp and explore. Small children can visit special and familiar places like Sesame Street and see their favorite characters.

This is also a lively museum for visitors of all ages, a place to become absorbed in a range of playful pursuits. Rise to the challenges of the Skyline Climb. Zipline across the atrium or find your thrill on the carousel. Play your best-loved games. Explore the two floors, each a city block long, and revel in your favorite forms of fun.

Explore the world of play and see toys and games from a new perspective. Enter the world of comic book superheroes.

See some of the best and most important classic toys from all ages at the the National Toy Hall of Fame and learn how play changed with the times. Adults can relive their childhood, spot toys their parents and grandparents talked about and test their skills in a wide varieties of ways. Experience “I had one of those!” moments.

Become immersed in some of the best pinball games and most influential video games of all time. Try the nearly 20’ tall Donkey Kong. Solve quests. Discover why the singing doll Thomas Edison created was a flop. Experience first-hand how the way people play and connect has changed.

One of the many quotations posted throughout the Strong National Museum of Play is “Almost all creativity involves purposeful play,”  by American psychologist Abraham Maslow. While a visit its all about having fun, this is also a place to discover what play is really all about.

Check the website for upcoming special events.

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