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Nova Scotia: Peggy of the Cove with Ivan Fraser

Our most unforgettable stop during our day in the Halifax region was our visit to Ivan Fraser’s family home while en route to Peggy’s Cove.

Ivan invited us in to see the house that served as inspiration for his book series on Peggy, namesake of the renowned area.

The house, yard, and outbuildings are colorfully painted to reflect his stories.

The home is now a museum and repository for his art and is filled with family furnishings. It served as inspiration for his stories, which are a fusion of local lore and family history.

Ivan Fraser inside his family home
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Ivan Fraser inside his family home


  1. Just wanted to thank you for your visit and great promotion on Notable Travels. It’s folks like you that make effort put into Peggy of the Cove worth while. Have a great day, you sure made mine!

    • What a great pleasure to hear from you, Ivan! We had a wonderful time during our visit and hope to encourage people to stop by your place to see how Peggy’s Cove is much more than another beautiful lighthouse. Your books brought the area and its people to life for us, and we will share them with our granddaughter when she is old enough to appreciate your stories.

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