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Canada’s Eastern Townships: Vignoble du Ruisseau in Dunham

Vignoble du Ruisseau in Dunham offers the ultimate vineyard experience in an idyllic maple forest at a sun-drenched altitude of nearly 1,000’. A covered bridge at leads to a vineyard boutique that has it all—notable wines, liqueurs and spirits and dozens of related products in a setting that sets the standard for the rest.

The organic gardens provide ingredients for store products and dining. In addition to their grapes, their apples and maple flavors go into the creation of fine spirits and bold liqueurs. Fir shoots, carrots, and raspberry leaves serve as sweeteners in unusual syrups. The goal is to create a bar supplied completely from the land.

Their patented world-first technology, a geothermal system that pulls heat from the ground, allows Vinifera grapes to grow abundantly in this cold climate. Geothermal energy also heats the winery, vats and cellars and provides air conditioning, as well. There is an impressive system of composting and recycling in all departments. The office is paperless.

Wine tastings come with a commanding view of the vineyards from one of the chic cocktail bars or with the relaxing sounds of the stream in the forested garden area. Tours include guided walks in the vineyard, a visit to one of the barrel cellars, tastings, and a short film about viticulture.

The  exquisite facilities include a vaulted barrel cellar and wine-cellar on two levels. The quality of the product and attention to detail is certain to please even the most discerning oenophile.

The setting and facilities are ideal for corporate or other events. Several modular rooms are equipped with AV equipment to accommodate up to 80 people. Add in guided tours, tasting with a sommelier, a meal inspired by the terroir, and you have an experience to remember.

The bistro is open on weekends. Brunch and supper dates are listed on the website as is information on the sugar shack and its products. Check for information on the monthly Vinifera Experience.

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