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Canada’s Eastern Townships: Spa Eastman-The Art of Living

Canada’s top-rated wellness retreat, Spa Eastman, is an all-inclusive gourmet heath and wellness haven ranked #1 for in the world for wellness and health in culinary travel. The first destination spa in Canada, it is based on six pillars of wellness— nature, aesthetically pleasing wholesome meals, physical activity, oxygen workshops, gentle self-care and education. World Spa Awards named Spa Eastman the Best Wellness Retreat 2022 in Canada.

Jocelyna Dubuc is president and founder of Spa Eastman and is a leader in promoting healthy vacations in Quebec. The Ministry of Tourism awarded her the Grand Bâtisseur (Great Builder) 2022 prize for her visionary leadership role in the province. 

The unique guest rooms and seven pavilions are part of a 326 acre compound. With nearly ten miles of trails and impressive views of Mount Orford, a stay is an immersion in the healing powers of natural surroundings.

Experience the power of thermotherapy. Enjoy the benefits of the infrared and Finnish saunas, hammam, Kneipp circuit of polar baths, indoor and outdoor pools and igloo shower.

Retreats focus on both the mind and body. They are led by a comprehensive range of professionals who offer guidance in defining and meeting personal goals for a healthier lifestyle. Learn to make simple effective changes in habits and activities to create better balance, increase energy level and improve physical and mental well-being.

Eight or more activities and conferences on topics like fitness, weight loss, stress management, nutrition, and renewal are offered daily. Massage therapy and aesthetic care are also available.  

La Cuisine Tonique

Jocelyna Dubuc discovered the medicinal healing properties of food on her own health. She has devoted her life to creating a program focused on scientific evidence on the importance of food on health and happiness.

Dubuc’s book, La Cuisine Tonique, includes recipes for increasing energy and reducing inflammation.

The colorful and artfully presented meals in her Tonique Cuisine Restaurant look and taste as good as they are for you.

The Tonique Cuisine™ served at Spa Eastman earned prestigious international acclaim. It was earned first place in the 2022 Global Culinary Travel Awards for Best Emphasis on Wellness & Health in Culinary Travel by the World Food Travel Association. 

Stay at least a few nights, preferably longer, to get the full benefit of the program and experience the art of living. The health immersion package includes three fine dining meals a day and a minimum seven night stay.  

Spa Eastman continues to evolve with more eco-friendly pavilions.  It received the Clévert Ecological Rating System 4 Green Keys for responsible and sustainable development.

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