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Canada’s Eastern Townships: Magog

It is easy to see why Magogwith its beautiful Mont Orford and Lake Memphremagog, is a popular tourist destination. Principale Street is lined with flowers, shops, galleries and restaurants and is the hub of the lively downtown area.

Fish and seafood are specialties at Au Comptoir MarCel. Watch Chef Marco in action in the open kitchen or enjoy the water view from the three-season covered and heated terrace. His partner, Céline, from the south of France, will help you choose the right wine. Beer and cider are locally produced.

Check for a performance a the cabaret-style concert hall, at (The Old Bell Tower). It is in a former Methodist church that later served as  a meeting place for Freemasons. 

Visit Maison Merry, built in 1821 and the town’s oldest house.  Magog’s history from the time of the Aboriginal people is presented here.

Bleu Lavande’s fragrant lavender fields and soothing products are now located in Magog. Massage and wellness experiences are offered along with seasonal programming. 

Take in the view with a gondola ride at Mont Orford. Explore the walking path and a beach or two at Parc de la Baie-de-Magog. Hike a nature walk along the Rivière aux Cerises marshland trails. 

Opt for the bubbly, 3-course brunch or gourmet dinner cruise, both with musical entertainment aboard Escapades Memphrémagog’s Le Grand Cru. You may spot Memphre, the 40’ long sea serpent with a horse-shaped head who, according to centuries of legends, lives at the bottom of the lake.

Le Cep d’argent: the art of sabering

Drive to  Le Cep d’argent for an effervescent experience. Le cep is French for vine. Argent, or silver, refers to the shimmer on Lake Magog. 

This was the first Quebec winery to use the traditional method to produce sparkling wine. The Scieur family has been using this secret process for over six generations. Brothers François and Jean-Paul Scieur continue the tradition. 

Learn the secret of sabering a bottle of their finest bubbly. Then sit back and enjoy it in this scenic setting. 

Or stop by for a wine tasting, savoring the aromas and flavors of five products from among their red, white, rosé, fortified and sweet wines. Those fluent in French might also opt for Bubbles and Wine Tour experience, a guided walk in the heart of the vineyard,

At harvest time The Magog-Orford Grape Festival attracts over 80,000 wine and food enthusiasts.

Just outside Magog

It’s well worth the 12 mile drive outside Magog to enjoy the stunning setting overlooking the lake from the Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac. It was founded in 1912 by the exiled Benedictine monks from St. Wandrille, France. 

Take a tour and learn about the abbey, monastic life, and overnight stay opportunities Purchase cheeses and products made from their orchard fruit, made onsite.

5-star luxury

For the ultimate in luxury, two renowned 5-star properties offer accommodations and exceptional fine dining. Ripplecove Hotel and Spa, in Ayers Cliff, now also offers villa accommodations.

Manoir Hovey is a Relais & Chateaux property in North Hadley. It was originally commissioned in 1900 as a private summer estate, designed after Washington’s Mount Vernon.

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