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Dr. Segal’s compression socks

I first tried traditional medical-grade compression socks when my ankles swelled after a long flight from Asia. They helped, but were not something I would choose to wear routinely.

Now I prevent problems by wearing more comfortable versions when I fly and when I want an extra boost.

Compression socks improve circulation and can reduce leg pain and swelling of the foot and ankle. They also help reduce the risk of blood clots and varicose and spider veins. And they put a spring in tired, achy, or swollen legs.

Now that I am staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am watching more television shows and catching up with movies I now have the time to see. Even though I am free to move about, the prolonged sitting reminded me of long flights.

I didn’t want to wear the heavy-duty compression socks or the ones I bought at a discount stores that had lost their stretch. That’s when I was offered a sample of Dr. Segal’s energy socks.

Dr. Segal  treated patients with vein disease for 25 years. He realized patients wanted something more comfortable and fashionable and founded the company in 2012.

His socks are snug yet easy to put on. The toe box is roomy and the top band is wide for a comfortable fit and to keep the socks from rolling down. Seams are flat-felled for comfort right at the tip of the toes. The foot bed is soft terry for extra cushioning. And these socks come in the kind of colorful patterns that I would choose when buying any socks.

They are a cotton blend and are anti-microbial and silver-ion wash for odor and stain protection. Sizing takes shoe size and ankle and calf measurements into account.

The socks are available in mild 15-20 mmHg ($29.99) and moderate 20-30 mmHg ($66.50) graduated compression socks. I tried the 15-20 mmHg compression and found them fine for everyday use, but would prefer the moderate/medical compression for flights or especially active days.

Buy now and Dr. Segal will donate a pair of compression socks to a front line COVID-19 healthcare professional in affected U.S. and Canada hospitals for each pair purchased.

Shipping is free with purchases of $50 or more. Use code STAYHOME for 20% off.

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